Islamic Fintech is one of the fastest growing segment of the global Islamic ethical economy, with an estimated transaction volume of 138 billion in 2022-2023 and will reach USD 306 billion in 2027 at a CAGR of 17.3%. ImpactIntell’s Islamic Fintech solution delivers unrivaled data and insights on this market for corporations, investors, and government agencies to drive strategic decision-making.


Corporate growth data & insights

  • Islamic Fintech Development
  • Islamic Fintech Investment
  • Competitor Benchmark and Intelligence

Investment data & insights

  • Islamic Fintech Investment Activity & Benchmarks
  • Islamic Fintech Investment Target Profiles (Product offering, customer profile, TAM, geo and sector attractiveness, top executive, traction, etc)

Government policy market data

  • Islamic Fintech Growth & Domestic Market Opportunity
  • Islamic Fintech Social and Economic Impact
  • Islamic Fintech Development